Mamaggiore is your newest contemporary Italian restaurant in Vila Leopoldina in São Paulo.

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With the concept of slow food, it promotes convivium, a Latin word that means “a feast,
entertainment, a banquet”.
With the proposal to rescue the pleasure of eating well. Mamaggiore has taken care of every
detail to provide you with the best atmosphere, worthy of Italian villas, paintings painted by
mamma, warm lighting, comfortable furniture, impeccable crockery and fittings, attentive and
careful service.
For unforgettable moments, with someone special, with family and friends, savor our dishes
prepared by people passionate about life, taste good wines and feel the delight of our
wonderful desserts.
Everything for you to uplift the spirit, please the body, and express that smile of full
Contact us today to enjoy lunch, dinner or a meeting at our restaurant.
Tel: (11) 3644-3364-Rua Carlos Weber, 594 – Vila Leopoldina-São Paulo – SP
Gnocchi Filetti 4 Formaggi
Potato gnocchi with strips of filet mignon in sauce four formaggi au gratin with parmesan
R $ 67.00
Strozzapreti Napolitano
Fusilli type pasta with pomodoro sauce, sliced pepperoni, olives
black and aromatic spices
R $ 64.00
Fetuccini Verdi Mamma Di Lucca
Fetuccini verdi with Neapolitan sauce, a touch of gorgonzola and strips of filet mignon
R $ 70.00
Papardelle Funghi Formaggi
Artisanal papardelle pasta with formaggi sauce with Chilean funghi secchi and strips of grilled
filet mignon
R $ 70.00
, squid, clams, seafood, octopus, garlic, olive oil and white wine in pomodoro sauce
R $ 75.00
Penne AL Funghi with Pepperoni