If you’re still shy after a beer or two, do some research on local food blogs first.

Instead, search more calmly while you’re at home (and well-fed), then check
your list of the best restaurants when you get there. That way, you will not
waste precious travel time and will probably find a decent meal chosen without
haste. This is also a great way to save money. It’s hard to be rational about how
much you’re going to spend when you’re hungry, so do yourself a favor and
decide before you leave the house. Want to find the best restaurants? Ask
residents for recommendations. There may be some communication difficulties,
if you don’t speak the language, but, you can search for keywords in basic
phrase books (good to buy one when you arrive or even before going to another
country), but, once a person is found willing to help, you will probably get great
suggestions of typical local restaurants.
Afraid to talk to a stranger in the middle of the street? Go to the nearest bar and
buy someone a beer. This will start a good chat in no time and then you can
complement it with questions about where to find the best restaurants to eat at
the best prices. Best Italians Restaurants in Roswell