Applications of Time Relays

It is worth mentioning that the relays of time consist of electronic elements that allow, as a function of adjusted and controlled times, to switch an output signal according to its purpose. With timing ranges, relays can be adjusted from three seconds to thirty minutes with high reliability and precision. As for the specific type of actuation, the relays may be delayed energizing, m0810tu tu which actuates their switches one time after the relay is energized, and returns them to rest soon after their shutdown or de-energization. If it is a possible delay in the de-energization, it will activate the keys in the activation, even if they can only return to rest a few moments after the deactivation.

Reliable timers are used in automation of various industrial equipment and processes, such as starter motors, control panels, industrial furnaces and injectors. These components rely on digital electronic devices that offer high accuracy, repeatability and great resistance against noise and vibrations. Relays are designed according to international standards and are a compact and safe solution in boxes with small dimensions for mounting on different types of rails, in one or two output configurations, normally open or closed.