After finishing painting the house, you can store the rest of the product.

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The newly executed painting must be protected against the incidence
of water, dust and accidental contact during the total drying time of the
product. The square footage of the place to receive the painting is
related to one liter of paint distributed. It’s good to know that each
brand has an approximate yield, and that it usually varies from
manufacturer to manufacturer. The good thing is to consult an
expert. It is advisable to buy paint cans instead of gallons if you are
going to paint a very large area.
Just be careful about storage. “The can must be tightly closed and
placed in a place without temperature variation. But it is very, very
important to check the date of manufacture, expiration date and know
that each brand of paint has a way to store it, as well as different
durability”, advises the architect and partner of Ana, Claudia
KrakowiakBitran. Thinking about giving your home a new look? Painting the
exterior walls can be the solution to make your house more beautiful, with a clean
appearance and still impress the neighborhood. But for the painting to have the
desired effect, it is necessary to take some care in choosing the paint, color and